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The vibrations analysis is then considered as one of the most advanced and the most precise tools. Besides the portable systems, solutions of vibration monitoring continuous and deported also exist. These solutions allow to always keep an eye on critical equipment.


Ultrasound detection allows you to detect many inaudible or undetectable phenomena that other predictive tools do not detect. The best known application for this kind of device is the detection and precise localization of gas leaks. Through the noise detected and knowledge of the pressure within the pipe, it is possible to quantify the leak rate and therefore the financial loss generated by it.


Infrared Thermography is the safest, non-intrusive and most efficient technique to identify fault & overheating early before they become more serious and expensive to repair. By capturing heat-generated images, it’s possible to measure the temperature in real time and at a safe distance. Then, the data can be interpreted either by your maintenance team or by our engineers.

Oil Analysis

Often called the blood of the life of the equipment, oil can provide a great deal of information on the condition of the equipment and the wear of the installation in order to establish a relevant diagnosis on the mechanical state of the equipment system. Oil analysis is made to determine if a lubricant is still working good or needs to be replaced. This efficient but basic approach gives high-value informations very fast and with a low investment.


The principle of laser alignment on a machine consist in determining the relative displacement of a laser beam placed on a side of the shaft. This laser is reflected by a mirror located on other side of the coupling. This relative displacement is measured during manual rotation of the shaft line. After treatment of the relative motion data for edging, corrections are provided by the software.

Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement