CTC Junction box

CTC Junction box

Vibration monitoring is often accomplished with permanently mounted vibration sensors, wired to a signal collection box, to enable easy, regular and safe collection of data.



I-care carries a broad offering of CTC vibration switch boxes and enclosures for your vibration monitoring projects.  These are all available with either a selector switch, or multiple BNC connection jacks.  Our wide variety of signal management boxes are available for setups from 1 to 48 sensors.  These can be stand alone, or tied in to a complete vibration monitoring system.


There are far too many CTC part numbers to list here on our website.  Whether you need a quote for one junction box or one hundred, contact product@icareweb.com today to discuss your application or space constraints, and we’ll help identify the right solution for you.


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CTC Junction box


CTC Junction box

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