Extech Tachometers

Extech Tachometers

Rev up industrial predictive maintenance with an Extech handheld digital tachometer. Extech optical and contact handheld laser tachometers help detect abnormal rotating and linear speeds and excessive heat – all symptoms of wear or imminent failure. Extech strobe-tach photo tachometer models are easy to use for visual inspections as well.

Test & Measurement


Photo/Contact Tachometer with built-in InfraRed Thermometer. Includes a non-contact IR Thermometer for surface temperature measurements.


  • Built-in IR thermometer with laser measures remote surface temperature on motors and rotating parts
  • Provides wide RPM (photo and contact) and Linear Surface Speed (contact) measurements
  • Non-contact Photo tachometer uses a Laser for greater measuring distance up to 6.5ft (2m)
  • Characters on display reverse direction depending on mode
  • Double molded housing


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Extech Tachometers


Extech Tachometers

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