Flir E-series

Flir E-series

FLIR E Series has been designed for those who already know the benefits of thermal imaging cameras and who want better image quality or features to create more advanced reports. It has several useful additional functions which considerably accelerate inspections.



Due to Instant reports function, the FLIR E series instantly creates reports in the camera you can easily transfer to USB devices (FLIR E60). Moreover, vocal functions and text annotations help users not to forget the conclusions they had made when they were taking measurement.

Both small and lightweight, it is also very robust and IP54 certified, so you will no longer have to fear the break at the slightest drop.

Finally, as all E-series cameras, you can adapt it to your needs by selecting either the wide-angle lens or telephoto lens that are at your disposal.

N.B: features may vary by camera model, please check the technical specifications of each model.


  • High resolution of 240 x 180 pixels
  • 43 200 sensors
  • Sensibility of 0.05°C
  • Picture-in-picture function
  • 3,1 MP on-board camera with LED light
  • Bluetooth connection to several devices
  • Wi-Fi connection

And many other options available in the complete product datasheet


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Flir E-series


Flir E-series

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