FLIR T-Series portable thermal imaging cameras show unrivaled ergonomics, weight and ease of use. Indeed, its designers have taken into account the comments of its users to provide complete and innovative features to this series.



The T series has been specifically developed for industrial environments.

Including all the features of previous series, this series brings new features which will quickly become indispensable to you. In fact, the new annotation mode allows you to use the touch screen as a notepad so you will more accurately locate the defective areas.

Finally, a new video mode has been integrated into the FLIR T-Series and it will prevent users from having to take a series of shots.

N.B: features may vary by camera model, please check the technical specifications of each model.


  • High IR resolution of 76.800 pixels
  • 43 200 sensors
  • ± 2% or ± 2°C accuracy
  • Measuring temperature up to 1200 °C
  • Bend thermal with visible light images on screen
  • Picture-in-picture function
  • 3,1 MP on-board camera with LED light
  • Bluetooth connection to several devices
  • Wi-Fi connection

And many other options available in the complete product datasheet


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