IC 100 Sensor

IC 100 Sensor

Sensors available in our range are of the accelerometer type. This means that the measured signal is proportional to the acceleration. Thus, it can be converted into a speed or position signal using an electronic component of the integrator type. Each signal offers another read for the vibration signal and our sensor is the only one able to easily allow this reading.



The main component is a piezoelectric crystal providing a voltage signal when deformed. So, the crystal is compressed by vibrations and the signal sent will be proportional to the movement felt by the crystal.

As the number of components in the sensor is relatively limited, the reliability of this element is extremely high.

Furthermore, due to its conception, this sensor is extremely tough and is very resistant to harsh environments. I-care also guarantees for life the proper functioning of the sensor in normal conditions of use.



  • 100 mV/g
    • Spectral monitoring of your equipment
  • 4-20 mA
    • Processed by PLC signal
    • Global vibration level

Several options are available with these sensors. Each one is referred to a letter you have to mention in the reference (ref: page 1).

  • T – Temperature measure : with this option, surface temperature can also be assessed by the sensor. The sensor will send back a temperature proportional voltage signal.
  • S – Bent sensor : this bent sensor will avoid clutter of equipment.
  • F – Filter : several filters may be applied to pre-treat signal. On request only.
  • I – ATEX (category II) and M – ATEX (category I) : I-care sensors may also be ATEX certified. Certificates are available on request.



  • Very robust (min IP65)
  • Frequency range from 0.8 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Many options
  • Integrated wire
  • Mechanic fixation
  • ATEX
  • Double signal (4-20 mA – 100 mV/g)

And many other options available in the complete product datasheet


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IC 100 Sensor


IC 100 Sensor

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