PROGNOST®-NT is the world’s leading diagnostic system that uses Neural Networks and Deep Learning technology for automated Failure Pattern Recognition of Rotating Equipment. More than 20.000 sensor samples per second are analyzed automatically in real-time. The system provides actionable clear text messages to operators, indicating the affected components, the failure mode and the percentage of failure severity.



PROGNOST®-NT is the perfect solution for critical and uncritical Rotating Equipment. Machine operators who need to extend their MTBM (Meantime between Maintenance) by early failure detection rely on at least some of the PROGNOST®-NT software modules.



  • 360° asset care of Rotating Equipment for Predictive Maintenance
  • SIL 3 Machine Protection (MMS)
  • Modular Online Condition Monitoring (CMS)
  • Automated asset diagnostics
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • 275 analyses and views for reciprocating equipment
  • 188 analyses and views for centrifugal equipment

Sensor signal acquisition and SIL 3 certified Machine Protection of all Rotating Equipment

Machine protection is based on vibration and critical parameters such as dynamic rod/shaft position and dynamic pressure.

Signal plausibility checks to avoid false alarms and warnings

Specialized signal processing avoids false warnings caused by broken wires, loose sensors, and other electrical failures.

Automatic 10-minute ring buffer for detailed root cause analyses (RCA)

Continuously recorded uncompressed signal data of all connected sensors (hardwired and DCS connected) are available for detailed root cause analyses. This ring buffer is automatically saved in case of an alarm or at every start/stop, and when the user initiates it.

Early Failure Detection

PROGNOST®-NT automatically recognizes changing machine operating conditions and adjusts the monitoring thresholds to avoid false warnings caused by variables such as changing load conditions.

Reliable and meaningful piston rod position for reciprocating compressors

Conventional monitoring methods use rod drop measurements for wear monitoring purposes only. PROGNOST®-NT uses the dynamic piston rod position for reliable rider ring wear calculation and to monitor the mechanical condition of piston rod, piston and crosshead connections.

Automated p-V diagram analyses

PROGNOST®-NT processes above all the online p-V diagram with dedicated analyses to optimize machinery performance and to detect leak sources finally suction/discharge valves, packing, or piston rings. Furthermore, it calculates dynamic piston rod loads to provide an early warning of overload.

Pattern recognition with fully integrated diagnostic database

Each PROGNOST®-NT system automatically generates and saves new damage patterns if component failures occur. Finally all major failures are analyzed and integrated as own failure patterns into the systems’ diagnostic database like the more than 150 failure patterns derived from hundreds of machines with millions of operating hours.


Machinery health to go

The PROGNOST®-NT Web App allows you to keep track of your rotating equipment and machinery health status. You receive comprehensive information and key health indicators to help you make effective maintenance decisions.
The App is HTML-based and runs on all mobile device operating systems. It is an integral part of the PROGNOST®-NT version 19 upgrade and can be activated with your existing software license.


  • Essential machinery health information available on mobile devices
  • Includes diagnostic messages and alarm status
  • HTML-based application; can be displayed on PC, Tablet or Smartphone (all devices that run a web browser)


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