SDT 340

SDT 340

SDT340, together with UAS4.0, is a cloud connected condition monitoring solution.



Detect, trend, and analyze asset health by viewing the ultrasound and vibration time signal and spectrum directly on the SDT340’s color display.
Manage the results with UAS4.0, a scalable, multi-technology, multi-platform application that lets you access data from your desktop, server, or in the cloud.


  • Enhance productivity in the field with on-screen time signal, spectrum, split screen view, and icon navigation.
  • Recall historical data for trending and alarming in-the-field acquisition.
  • Experience enhanced impact detection with focus Mode. See defects others simply cannot.
  • Pan and expand your time signal or spectrum and list the highest values to improve in-field diagnosis.
  • With focus Mode, enjoy enhanced signal resolution with sampling rates up to 256k.
  • With over 4 GB of storage, record data longer on slow speed machines and never run out of memory.


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SDT 340


SDT 340

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