Wi-care 240

Wi-care 240

The Wi-care 240 module is Din-Rail mountable vibration transmitter. The Wi-care 240 module has 4 dynamic and 4 static channel inputs that can take up to 4 vibration and temperature measurements simultaneously.



Continuous Machine Monitoring System

The Wicare 200 series Smart Machinery System is a continuous monitoring system composed by Wicare 240 modules and is completely flexible in its configuration.

Smart Tach Input

The Wicare 240 is also equipped with two analog inputs for RPM detection (Smart Tach Input). In normal operation, it operates normally as a tach/speed detection device. The RPM data will be matched to the paired vibration channel. The Smart Tach Mode feature allows the module to wait until the machine achieves a certain speed to start the data collection. This is efficient vibration data collection, only when the machine is in operation.

Flexibility without limits

This innovative approach to continuous machinery monitoring allows you to cover many machines or very complex machines easily. One bearing at time, one module at a time. The Wicare 200 series Smart Machinery System does not have a chassis or rack that limits its configuration. Each Wicare 240 module can operate independently or can be placed in a cabinet with a Gateway for maximum system density.  No matter the number of machines, the size of a single machine, or the number of measurement points, the Wicare 200 series can handle it.


Instead of vibration and temperature sensors, you can also decide to connect other type of sensors to the Wicare 240 module, such as ultrasounds or oil sensors, making the Wicare 200 series a complete machine monitoring solution.

The Wicare Family : Wireless to Continuous Monitoring

The Wicare 200 series extends the WiCare family of products from wireless to continuous monitoring solutions. Signals will be sent directly from the Wi-care 240 module to the I-see platform via the cellular communications. The only check you need to make is that you have a good enough cell signal in your area. This solution is available as the WIcare 200-Series Smart Machinery Starter Package.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Multi-technology
  • 4 dynamic channels
  • Smart data capture
  • Variable speed


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Wi-care 240


Wi-care 240

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