CSI 6500

CSI 6500

The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is fully compliant with API 170 and integrates protection, prediction, real-time performance monitoring and process automation. The CSI 6500 is part of PlantWeb digital architecture which provides enterprise-wide information needed for real-time decision making. If you want to use your existing instrumentation, the CSI 6500 works with any negative 24 VDC powered displacement sensors or drivers.



The CSI 6500 is field-proven providing protection on the industry’s most critical equipment: steam turbine generator, gas turbines, boiler feed pumps, offshore compressors, pipeline turbo compressors, chemical industry compressors, turbo exhausters, blowers and boosters.


  • 19” Stationary monitoring system
  • Up to 48 channels
  • 24 analyze parameters with a sensor
  • Many communication protocols
  • 4-20mA outputs
  • 24V DC outputs

And many other options available in the complete product datasheet


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CSI 6500


CSI 6500

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