In line with Wi-care ™, I-care ™ is proud to present its new technical innovation I-see ™, the web-based platform integrating multiple predictive technologies and providing you a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of your mechanical assets.



The I-see cloud-based system enables easy access to all the data collected by Wi-care sensors including dashboards for management, detailed data for analysts and schedules for planners. The system is GDPR compliant, safe, secure and a very powerful tool enabling condition based maintenance decision-making.


Easy Information Sharing

What is the purpose of collecting information and data in an easy and efficient way if it costs you hours to read it, analyse it and share it? Just share the login information with the concerned people and discuss about the data, the spectrum, the KPI of the equipment, the plant, the country, or the whole company.

Plug and play system

Wi-care and I-see compound a perfect match to offer you an easy plus and play solution. Plug your Wi-care on your equipment and play I-see on your device to visualize and analyse your data. Do not care anymore about the software installation and update, I-see stands by you wherever you are, whenever you need

Integrated Technologies

Predictive maintenance is not only about vibration and temperature collected by Wi-care. Other mechanical assets may request lubrication, infrared thermography or ultrasound analysis. Therefore I-see allows you to import multiple predictive technologies data to centralize the information and the predictive diagnosis of every mechanical asset.


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